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Since 1990, Norwalk Junior Lacrosse has taught the fundamental skills of lacrosse, provided a rewarding team experience, and made sure our players have fun. 
NJrLacrosse is offered by the Norwalk Lacrosse Association, which also supports the lacrosse programs at both of Norwalk’s high schools and sponsors clinics and opportunities to play for enthusiasts aged six to sixty, and older. 
NJrLacrosse is a member of US Lacrosse, the National Governing Body of the sport, and of the CONNY Youth Lacrosse Association, which includes fifty-five community-based youth lacrosse programs fielding nearly 600 separate teams across Connecticut, Westchester County, NY, and even New York City.
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2018 Summer Sandlot Lax Is Here
Now that summer is upon us, it’s time for summer lax ... specifically,...
America's First Sport
If you haven't already seen it, the following link will take...
2018 Summer Sandlot Lax Is Here

Now that summer is upon us, it’s time for summer lax ... specifically, Summer Sandlot Lax. Entering its thirteenth season in 2018, Summer Sandlot Lax has proven to be one of the most enjoyable activities sponsored by the Norwalk Lacrosse Association. Our objective for Summer Sandlot Lax is to have summer fun, in the spirit of old time sandlot sports for boys of all ages.


Play is informal, with teams picked at the beginning of each game based on who attends. This isn’t “lax camp.” There is no formal instruction during play … though occasional strangled cries of “shoot overhand,” or “go to the hole,” or “move the ball,” or “two hands on ground balls” are probably inevitable. Nevertheless, since even pick-up lax can become serious, we have certified officials for Summer Sandlot games to make sure play is safe and sportsmanlike.


Summer Sandlot Lax is open to Norwalk non-residents. However, they should be aware that the City of Norwalk charges non-residents a $5.00 parking fee to drive into Veterans Park.


You must be a member of US Lacrosse to participate in Summer Sandlot Lax. All NJrLax and other CONNY players are automatically members of US Lacrosse. Others can join online at www.uslacrosse.org (click on "Membership" in the left menu). 


Who: CONNY Senior, Junior, and Lightning boys in 2019
(In 3rd through 8th grade next fall.)

On a case-by-case basis, players entering 2ndgrade or below can participate with their coach’s recommendation.

What: This is old style pick-up lax, but with certified officials. One to three simultaneous games, depending on turnout. We play small sided, small field games when appropriate.

Where: Veterans Park

When: 12 Monday & Thursday Evenings, June 18—July 30 (Beginning Monday, June 18 and excluding Thursday, July 5)

            6:15 PM — Players pick teams.
            6:30 PM — 12-minute running time periods with 5-minute water breaks.

Cost$65.00 for 12 evenings

Register: Click on "Register Online" in the left menu on this Home Page, scroll down to 2018 Boys Youth Summer Sandlot Lax, follow the directions, and click on the green “begin registration” link.

Alternatively, a paper registration form is available for download under “Documents” in the left menu. Complete and mail it, with check, to Norwalk Summer Lax, 6 Rowan Street Unit #4, Norwalk, CT 06855-1936. 
You may also bring the Registration Form and a check to the first session you attend.

Parents Welcome to Play: In keeping with the informal atmosphere we encourage in Summer Lax, parents are welcome to play with their sons. Parents, older siblings, and coaches who play must be members of US Lacrosse, but need not pay a separate registration fee to participate.

by posted 06/13/2018
America's First Sport
If you haven't already seen it, the following link will take you to a terrific documentary video about the origins, history, growth, and future of both men's and women's lacrosse. It is well worth the fifty-five minutes it runs.


The documentary does, however, omit one fascinating detail. James Naismith, credited with inventing basketball while teaching at Springfield College, was a Canadian and a lacrosse player. So it's not that lacrosse is a lot like basketball ... it's that basketball is a lot like lacrosse.


Coach Couch
by posted 05/12/2013
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